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The FREE Lessons in the 30-Day IM Challenge are all flash movies.  They contain a slideshow with audio embedded within it.

However, some of the Lessons if printed out can be more than 60+ pages long!

In other words, there's a TON of material crammed into the Challenge!  It's really simple, step-by-step information -- but there's a LOT of it!

With the flash movies, you can watch them in the Member's Area, but they are NOT downloadable.  (They are FREE after all!)

The flash movies work one part of your brain and help you to use your creative side when building your business.  But you also want to work your analytical brain as well ... and that's where the Gold Membership comes in.

As a Gold Member, you'll also get every single word of the Lesson in downloadable pdf format as well.  This will help to tap into your critical thinking skills and activate your analytical side to help you use ALL of your brain power to build your business.

You'll find it so much easier to not only HEAR the Lessons and SEE the Lessons, but to also READ the Lessons -- and be able to take notes on them when you print out the pdf's.

That way you won't have any chance of leaving out a critical step.  You won't make any mistakes!  All you'll have to do is watch, listen, read, and TAKE ACTION!

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Besides that, you'll even get help from me personally!  That's right -- on Wednesday's at 4:00 pm eastern, we get together for the Gold Member Teleconference.  Many of the calls are even held in a webinar so you can not only HEAR what to do, but even SEE step-by-step how to put all the pieces together!

And any time you have a question, you'll be able to simply stop me and ask!  You see, I absolutely NEVER mute the lines (unless there's too much background noise, but even then, you can unmute at ANY time!). 

I make one commitment to members on these calls -- I'll stay until all of the questions are answered!

You'll even get recordings from all of the Gold Calls to download and refer to over and over again!  That way, even if you need to miss a few minutes of a call (or even an entire call), you won't miss out on all the great material we cover to make it as easy as rolling off a log to put your business together!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: All the Steps are inside the membership area. Read a step and take action, then come back and do it again.  Make sure that after you register, you also visit the 30-Day IM Challenge Member's Forum and Introduce Yourself! You need to Register separately and Introduce yourself in order to be eligible to win!  You can WIN any of the more than $11,000+ dollars in prizes when you become one of the Most Improved Entrepreneurs!!


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