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What is the 30-Day PASSION Challenge?

Directions University, the sponsor of The 30-Day Passion Challenge, is all about 4 things:  Helping to Shape the Direction of Your Life & Business, Helping You Give Direction to Your Customers, and Helping You to Impact the Direction of the World.

The 30-Day Passion Challenge is the starting point for how we achieve all 4 of these.  The Challenge contains more than 16+ Lessons that are completely FREE!  The Lessons are presented to you through a flash video that contains an audio that walks you through each Lesson.  At the end of each Lesson, you then receive a PDF containing the "Action Steps" and "Resources" you need to apply everything that you just learned in the Lesson.  When you apply each "Action Step", you're building your business one step at a time!

What Will You Accomplish Through the Challenge?

The Challenge is designed to help you succeed!  Your "Success" starts by defining what "success" means to YOU by using the Lessons and Action Steps in the Challenge!  At a minimum, "success" by following your passion includes:

  • Making money consistently, month in and month out doing something that you love!
  • Building relationships consistently, through which you make a difference for other people!
  • Feeling good about yourself and what you are doing consistently, every single day.

And that's exactly what the Challenge is about ... improving your mindset, finding your PROFITABLE passion, and using your passion in a way that both makes a difference for others AND makes you money at the same time!

Through the 30-Day Passion Challenge, you'll define your goals so you'll know what success means to YOU!  Then, using the Lessons, you'll move forward to "Find Your Profitable Passion" (i.e. figure out what niche you should build your business in or what kind of job you should be looking for), as well as what products you should sell to your customers, how to sell things to your customers, and more.

You'll learn how use a WordPress Blog at the heart of your business and you'll actually get your blog set up too!  We teach you to use a blog instead of having you build a complicated website for two reasons:

First, your blog actually gets you better results.

Second, a blog is as easy to use as a WordProcessor! Using WordPress requires no more technical knowledge than using Microsoft Word!

Even getting your blog set up will be a breeze when you follow the Lessons in the Challenge.  You can either use our custom installer that's totally FREE to Registered Members or you can hire one of our expert Blog Installers for less than $100 if you don't want to tackle the task yourself.  (If you went to elance.com or the other sites like it, you'd pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more just to get your blog up!)

By the end of the Challenge, you'll know exactly how to use your blog to drive traffic, build relationships, and make sales.  In fact, you'll actually be getting traffic to your blog by then AND that traffic will be turning into new subscribers and possibly even sales too!

Once your blog is set up, you'll need to start tracking your results and tweaking your site and your system to improve those results.  Rather than make you go out and buy a bunch of overpriced tools to help you with all that, you'll get access to Directions University's ULTIMATE Marketing Toolbar.

Talk about an internet marketing weapon!  The ULTIMATE Marketing Toolbar is SO powerful!  Not only can it help you analyze your competition, find JV partners, research your market, and more -- it can also save you HOURS of time each day as it even gives you access to your personal email accounts and to your Twitter account without ever having to visit a single webpage!  Make sure you download and install your personal toolbar from the Introduction!  (Don't forget to add the button to include your PERSONAL Challenge Lessons on your new toolbar so that you'll get notified each time a new Lesson is ready for you to access!)

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How Will the 30-Day PASSION Challenge Help You?

With all that you'll learn in the 30 days of lessons, the Challenge could be quite overwhelming.  But that wouldn't help you at all now, would it?

That's why we've broken the Lessons down into 16+ bite sized chunks that are delivered to you every few days during the Challenge.  When you first get enroll and login to the Member's Area, you'll immediately have access to the Introduction and the 1st Lesson.  None of the other Lessons will be visible to you yet.  (Don't worry -- they're just waiting patiently for you to be ready for them!)

Go through each Lesson completely.  At the end of Lesson 1 (and at the end of each Lesson thereafter), you'll find the "Action Steps" and "Resources" for that lesson.  Simply complete the "Action Steps" one at a time to build your business --  one simple step at a time!  By the end of the Challenge, you'll feel like your business built itself!

Of course, you'll want to keep track of your progress during each week of the Challenge.  That way you can refer back to it any time you want to build another aspect of your business or even a new business entirely.  You'll track your progress by answering 3 short questions in the "Weekly Progress Journal" section of Directions University's Classroom (our forum) each week:

  • What did you learn this week?
  • What action did you take this week?
  • What results did you get this week?

The question to pay the greatest attention to is the last one about Results.  The Challenge is all about RESULTS!  What kind of RESULTS can you expect to get for YOUR business by the end of the Challenge?

That's a tough question to answer because each student's dedication and drive is different.  Some students have made between $500 and $1,000 by the end of the Challenge -- even though they've started without having anything more than an idea for their business!

Others have added as many as 112 new opt in subscribers to a list -- in only 1 week of the Challenge (even though they didn't have anything more than a passion to succeed when they got started)!

What results will you get by the end of the Challenge?  The answer depends entirely on YOU!  If you follow the step-by-step Action Steps at the end of each Lesson, and if you actually implement ALL 16+ Lessons by the end of the Challenge, you'll be well on your way to making a solid 5-figure monthly income!

Since the Challenge is all about RESULTS, we want to really REWARD you as an "Action Taker".  That's why we've included some great prizes for the 3 "Most Improved Entrepreneurs".  You can win a Full Tuition Scholarship in Directions University's Associate's Program (a $1,500 course -- a $10,000 value!) or a Full Tuition Scholarship in Directions University's Bachelor's Program (a $3,600 course -- a $15,000 value!) if you're one of them!

Don't put off getting real RESULTS in your business another minute! It's 100% FREE to take the Challenge so you don't have a thing to lose -- but you have EVERYTHING to gain!  Take the Challenge NOW by clicking the link below!  We're rooting for you to WIN one of the more than $11,000 prizes when YOU become one of the "Most Improved Entrepreneurs" by the end of the Challenge!

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  All the Lessons are inside the membership area waiting for you. Watch each Lesson in the flash video and then put what you learn into action following the simple, step-by-step "Action Steps" at the end of each one.  There are plenty of Resources included just below the "Action Steps" to make it super simple for you to complete each one.

Along your journey, you'll have plenty have help!  That's why we've set up The Directions University Classroom (aka the "30-Day IM Challenge" Member Forum) just for you!   Make sure that after you register, you also visit The Directions University Classroom (aka the "30-Day PASSION Challenge" Member Forum) and Register there!  If you fail to set forth your intention to join us by telling us who you are, what niche you are in, and where you are currently at in your business, you will be ineligible to win any of the more than $11,000+ dollars in prizes!

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